Le recyclage de nos emballages

Following sorting instructions is a good thing, proof ...

When you can't come and buy your cookies in bulk in our stores, think about recycling our packaging!

We have always favored the sale of our biscuits in bulk through - our direct sales stores -> https://www.brieuc.bzh/Nos-boutiques_37.html in Brittany. Thus, you can make an assortment of made-to-measure cookies and buy the desired quantity by weight, so as to reduce packaging. Of course, we also offer our biscuits, cookies, pancakes, Breton pucks and buckwheat shortbread packaged to be able to ship them to your home when you are away from our shops. What then becomes of these packaging? In 2019, thanks to their recycling, 35 tonnes of CO2 were avoided. Thank you, continue to follow the sorting instructions! There is no small gesture when there are several of us doing it!